Bin Hire  Overloading Bins 

image of a skip bin overloaded with rubbish going everywhere falling out of the skip bin

There is more ways than 1 to Overload a Bin Hire - Bin!

Some Bin Hire Customers take it as a sport to see how much waste can be loaded into their bin hire - bin. They have little regard of the weight of the bin, or if the bulging top of the load can be secured properly, making it safe for other road users!


Following are thye two ways of Overloading You Bin Hire - Bin!

1.  Overloading your bin with "To Much Volume" of waste materials!

     Bin Hire - Bins are only meant to be loaded up to the top of the rim, which is also called the water level of the bin. The "water level of the bin" means if you filled the bin hire - bin up with water, the lowest part of the bin is the water level point. 

Customers who feel they need to load the bin hire - bin past the waterlevel point, means they needed to order a larger bin hire - bin!

If Customers order a 4 cubic metre bin, that is alol they are entitled to load into the bin hire - bin! This is all they have paid for and should respect this point.

Customers should not oirder a 4 cubic metre bin hire - bin and expect to try to squeeze 6 cubic metres of rubbish into the 4 m3 bin hire - bin!

Customers nbeed to use some common sense and stop loading the bin hire - bin once it is full. 

Overloading the bin hire - bin with too much rubbish also endangers the other road users. If a load cannont be safely tied down, our drivers are instructed to remove the load until it is safe to transport and complies with the RTA's rules and regulations, which we must adhere to at all times!


2.  Overloading your bin hire - Bin with "Too Much Weight"

     Eastern Bin Hire have "Bin Hire Weight Limits", which need to be adhered too, if you exceed these weight limits, Customers will be charged $20 for every 100 kg over the weight limit nominated.

Eastern Bin Hire have a page dedicated to bin hire weight limits, letting all potential Customers know the boundries of the bin hire weight limits.

Eastern Bin Hire do not mind if Customers exceed the bin hire weight limits, providing the Customers are happy to pay the additional excess weight limit fees of $20 for every 100 kg over the weight limit!



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