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E - Waste Recycling Information

You NEED To Know!

All E - Waste materials have been banned from being disposed of at ALL landfill sites within Victoria, as of 1st July 2019. The Victorian State Government has banned ALL E - Waste materials from landfill sites for good reasons, which are long overdue for the waste disposal industry across Victoria. Unfortunately, unless government set regulations for recycling of any type of waste material, the waste disposal industry will not respond!

How To Dispose of E - Waste Materials

Eastern Bin Hire will accept ALL of their customers E - Waste items, at NO EXTRA COST to their standard skip bin hire fee. 

However, customers need to place ALL of their E - Waste materials and items, on top of the load, at the drivers end of the skip bin, which is nearest to the road!

All E - Waste has to be placed in a designated bin at the transfer stations and or landfill sites, prior to tipping our skip bins. By placing all of your E - Waste at the drivers end of the skip bin, the driver can place All of your E - Waste items in the designated place, prior to tipping your load.

What Is E - Waste?

The definition of E - Waste is a simple one which is as follows:

  • E - Waste materials are any items or materials which use electricity as its power source;

  • E - Waste materials are any items which use batteries as their power source;

  • E - Waste can be items which are able to use both electricity and or batteries as its main power source.

E - Waste is a very broad spectrum of items and materials which we use an come across on a daily basis, for example:

  • Household E - Waste items - computers, computer monitors, DVD players, stereo players, toasters, mixers and blenders, stoves, fridges, microwave ovens, coffee machines, hair dryers, hair curlers, shavers, washing machines and dryers etc;

  • Garage E - Waste Items - electric and battery power tools such as drills, saws, radion, etc, electric grinders, welders, plasma cutters, multi meters, battery operated lights, high bay lights, electrical wiring etc;

  • Medical E - Waste items - blood pressure machines, electronic digital thermometers, C Pap machines, electric and battery operated ventilators, battery scales, humidifiers, electric beds and chairs etc.