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Yarra Valley & Yarra Ranges


Eastern Bin Hire Specialise in Mini Skips Hire to the Yarra Valley and Yarra Ranges districts, which are located within Melbourne's Outer Eastern Suburbs fringe!

Mini Skips are ideal for anyone wanting to dispose of small to medium size piles of unwanted goods and materials, from around the garden, to decluttering your house, to deceased estates, to clearing out a factory!

You don't need an account to use Eastern Bin Hire's - mini skip hire yarra valley and yarra ranges service, customers just need to be located within eastern bin hire's service area, which is listed further down the pages.

Mini Skip Hire - Skip & Bin Hire Sizes available - 2, 3, 4 & 6 cubic metre mini skips and skip bins are available for hire at all times. Eastern Bin Hire are well stocked in every different size mini skip and skip bin size, they have for hire.

The following size mini skips and skip bin are available with or without a rear loading or wheelbarrow door are 3, 4, & 6 cubic metres. Rear wheelbarrow doors make loading heavy materials into your mini skip or skip bin easier and faster, if you would like to have a rear wheelbarrow door, let Wendy know when you order your mini skip hire service. 

Cheap Mini Skip Bin Hire Prices

Eastern Bin Hire offer "Cheap Mini Skip Hire Prices" to all of their customers located within Melbourne's Yarra Ranges, Yarra Valley districts and Melbourne's outer eastern suburbs!

Eastern Bin Hire are a small family owned and operated waste disposal company, they take great pride in offering all of their mini skip hire customers, great customer service, great mini skip delivery and retrieval service and cheap mini skip hire prices for everyone!



Mini Skip Hire & Delivered Today!  


Yarra Valley & Yarra Ranges Districts


"Mini Skip Hire and Delivery to YOU Today, at NO EXTRA COST," within the Yarra Ranges, Yarra Valley districts and to Melbourne's outer eastern suburbs!  

If you need a mini skip or skip bin delivered to you today and at No Extra Cost, you need to call Eastern Bin Hire ASAP to place your mini skip hire order!

Customers wanting to have their "Mini Skip Hire and Delivery Today service at NO EXTRA COST", need to book their mini skips hire service by 1 pm Monday to Friday, or by 11.30 am on Saturdays, inorder to have their mini skips delivered the same day!

Same Day Mini Skip Hire and Delivery is a premium mini skip hire service, but at the budget mini skip hire price! 

Mini Skips - Skip Hire Sizes

Eastern Bin Hire offer several different mini skip hire sizes, the following mini skips are available with or without loading doors, if you require a loading door, it is up to the Customer to request one when ordering their mini skip service.


The following mini skip sizes are : -  (m3 = cubic metre, 1 cubic meter is 1 metre wide x 1 m high x 1 m deep. e.g. your pile of rubbish is 1.6m wide x 1.5m high x 2.4m deep = 5.76m3, order a 6m mini skip)

2m3 Mini Skips hold approximately 3 - 6' x 4' level trailer loads of waste materials


3m3 Mini Skips hold approximately 4 to 5 - 6'x 4' level trailer loads of waste material


4m3 Mini Skips hold approximately 6 - 6'x 4' level trailer loas od waste materials


6m3 Mini Skips hold approximately 9 - 6'x 4'level trailer loads of waste materials


Mini Skips Waste Categories

Eastern Bin Hire have several different Mini Skips Hire Waste Categories for their Customers to select which waste category best resembles the type of waste they are wanting to dispose of with their mini skips and bins they have rented from Eastern Bin Hire.

Eastern Bin Hire's Mini Skips Waste Categories are: -


  • Green Waste - any organic materials or foliage growing by nature e.g. plants, shrubs, bushes, tree branches, tree prunings, leaf litter, tree trunks under 250 mm diameter. No man made wood products e.g. fence palings, treated pine posts, tables and chairs etc are allowed in Eastern Bin Hire's Mini Skips under the Green Waste Category!.


  • Light Waste - any thing from in and around your house, whitegoods, plastic, furniture, clothes, bedding, TV's, fridges, freezers, stoves, ovens, microwaves, stereos, appliances, stationary, books, toys, metal, green waste, small amounts of wood, plaster etc weight limits apply No Heavy Materials eg bricks, concrete, tiles or prohibited materials, mattresses and tyres extra charges apply if loaded into our mini skips. No Asbestos, No Food or Food Waste, No Medical Waste, No Nappies, No Paint


  • Builders Waste - includes green waste, light waste, limited amounts of renovation materials such as plaster, wood, tiles, bricks, concrete, dirt etc weight limits apply No Prohibited Materials are allowed to be loaded inside Eastern Bin Hire's mini skips under any circumstance! No Asbestos, No Food or Food Waste, No Medical Waste, No Nappies, No Paint


  • Heavy Recyclable Materials - with 1 type of material or a mixture of the following materials only dirt, clay, concrete, gravel, stones, rocks, bricks, pavers, roof tiles, indoor & outdoor tiles, asphalt etc.

     No other materials are allowed to be loaded into Eastern Bin Hire's mini skip, if other materials are loaded into the bin, the whole load will be charged at the general mixed waste rates - not at the discounted Heavy Recyclable Materials Rate - NO PLASTIC, WOOD, PAPER, CARDBOARD ETC allowed inside Eastern Bin Hire's Mini Skip!  No Food Waste, No Asbestos, No Medical Waste, No Nappies, No Paint etc

Eastern Bin Hire's Mini Skips Service these Areas in the Yarra Ranges, Yarra Valley & Outer Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne

Eastern Bin Hire specialise in servicing the Yarra Ranges, Yarra Valley & Outer Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne in selected areas, with their prompt, flexible and reliable mini skip hire, mini skips and rubbish removal service.

Eastern Bin Hire service the following selected areas & townships within the Yarra valley & Yarra Ranges districts, which they service on a daily basis all year round!

Shire of Yarra Ranges: Belgrave 3160, Belgrave Heights 3160, Belgrave South 3160, Chirnside Park 3116, Coldstream 3770, Dandenong Ranges, Ferntree Gully Upper 3156, Ferny Creek 3786, Gruyere 3770, Kallista 3791, Kalorama 3766, Kilsyth 3137, Lilydale 3140, Monbulk 3793, Montrose 3765, Mooroolbark 3138, Mount Dandenong 3767, Mount Evelyn 3796, Olinda 3788, Sassafrass 3787, Seville 3139, Seville East 3139, Sherbrooke 3789, Silvan 3795, Tecoma 3160, The Patch 3792, Tremont 3785, Upwey 3158, Wandin 3139, Wandin East 3139, Wandin North 3139.

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