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6 Tips to Select the Correct Skip Bin Hire Size!

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

eastern skip hire offer different size skip bins and mini skips
Eastern Bin Hire's yard with different size skip bins & mini skips

Most people find it difficult to select the correct skip bin hire size for their rubbish disposal needs.

People are looking to hire a skip bin which is what we call the Goldilocks zone!

A skip bin which is big enough to get the job done, but not too small to have junk left over which doesn't fit into the skip bin hire service.

To help make the process a whole lot easier for customers, especially for people new to hiring skip bins or mini skips, in Melbourne outer eastern suburbs and Yarra Valley district.

There are a few factors people need to take into consideration prior to ordering their correct skip bin hire size:

  1. How long is the longest item, e.g. you may want to dispose of a 3m long piece of steel, therefore, you would need to make sure your skip is long enough for the steel to fit into, without overhanging the sides of the skip bin. No waste is permitted to overhang past the edges of the skip bins.

  2. How much space do you have for the placement of the skip bin, will the space be big enough to fit your skip bin in;

  3. Is there enough height for the skip bin to be lifted of the back of truck, generally speaking we need about 3.5m of height to be able to deliver and retrieve skips and bins. If you don't have enough clearance, you will need to consider another spot to place the skip bin, you may even need a permit to place the skip on the road.

  4. Is your driveway wide enough for the truck to have clear access to be able to place the skip bin where you want the skip bin to be placed. If your driveway or access point is too tight and alternative spot will need to be considered. You may even need to place the skip on the road which will require a council permits, which we organise for you.

  5. How much waste do you need to dispose off, if you have a pile of junk it's quiet simple, just measure the length, width and the height of the pile, the result will be the volume of your waste e.g. 1m wide x 2m deep x 1m high = 2m3 (cubic meters). If you don't have a pile of rubbish and junk you will need to try to visualise if you are going to have a lot of waste, a mountain of junk or maybe somewhere in between.

  6. Skip Bin Hire Sizes differ from one company to another, domestic rubbish removal normally only needs the smaller size skip bins which are 2, 3, 4 & 6 cubic meters. However, for house demolitions and the larger commercial projects, this is where the big hook lift bins are used, they are not normally used for domestic jobs.

Ensuring you make the correct decision when hiring a skip bin or mini skip for your next waste disposal project or cleanup, requires a thought process which needs to be considered. Several factors need to be addressed prior to you ordering the correct skip bin hire size as indicated above.

If you address the issues listed above prior to ordering your waste disposal service, you will save yourself some money by:

  1. Ordering the correct size skip bin hire size

  2. By not ordering a skip bin which is too big or too small, but one which is in the Goldilocks zone for your next waste disposal job, you will save money!

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