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Responsible Paint Disposal Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Multiple colours of paint in tins
Paint Cans full of Paint

Why not just throw your leftover paint in the rubbish bin, it's easier and more convenient?

Everyone knows, or should know responsible paint disposal, melbourne eastern suburbs procedures!

Paint and old paint tins or paint containers being disposed off in your general rubbish bin, will ultimately end up leaching into the ground and eventually into the water table, making our underground aquifers and streams contaminated and toxic!

In the process this will kill plant life and animals within our environment, it may take some time, but it will happen!

Where Do I Responsibly Dispose of Paint In The Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne and Yarra Ranges?

We are lucky, we have a saviour, "Paint Back"!

Paint Back's goal and the purpose for the paint industry in Australia as a whole, was to prevent paint liquid or dried, as well as paint containers, from being deposited at landfill sites across the country. This prevents and eliminates toxic chemical from polluting the soil and water tables across our wonderful country, for future generations to come!

Paint Back is a not for profit organisation, which provide approximately 165 pick up points across Australia, for the collection of paint and empty paint cans or tins, whichever you prefer.

Paint Backs - paint pick up points are located at local municipality transfer stations and tipping sites across Melbourne's suburbs, there are other sites available depending on where you are located. To find your nearest paint back pick up point look here

How Much Does It Cost To Dispose Of My Paint or / and Empty Paint Cans / Tins?


They accept paint from all Domestic Household Residents and Commercial Painters around Melbourne eastern suburbs, and all other areas around Melbourne.

However, even though it is free to dispose of paint with paint back, skip bin hire companies, including Eastern Bin Hire, are not allowed to dispose of any types of paint or any empty paint cans or tins at transfer stations or landfill sites across melbourne eastern suburbs or the yarra ranges district. So if you hire a skip bin, please do not dispose of paint in your skip bins or mini skips, it is illegal and dangerous for the environment!

How Much Paint Can I Dispose Off or How Many Paint Tins With Dry Paint In Can I Dispose of For FREE?

People are allowed to dispose of 100 litres Free of Charge at the one time, you can go back as often as you like, but the limit per visit is 100 litres.

Empty paint cans, or dried paint in paint cans, you are allowed 100 litres in capacity, for example you can dispose of 5 x 20 litre tins, 10 x 10 litre tins, 20 x 5 litres or 100 x 1 litre cans or tins of paint, at the one time, or per visit!

How Does Paint Back Pay For the Disposal Of Paint and Paint Containers?

Paint Back is fully funded by Australian Paint Industry!

Paint manufacturers voluntarily pay a 15 cent + gst levy, for every litre of paint, which each individual company sells within the Australian market.

They also recycle the paint and paint containers into reusable products, minimising landfill components.

What Does Paint Back's 15 cent Levy Cover?

Paint Back has accomplished many accomplishments with the 15 cent levy, which seams a minimal amount of money, for what they have achieved over the years since 2016.

This 15 cent + gst per litre paint levy covers:

  • Positioning and establishing the pick up points around Australia;

  • Collection of the paint and paint containers;

  • Recycling of the liquid paints;

  • Recycling of dried paints;

  • Recycling of paint tins and cans;

  • Recycling of plastic paint containers;

  • Research into finding new markets for the recycled paint products of paint for tyhe future;

  • Research into turning water based paint into road base products, as well as many other products, taking us into the future!

  • To date, Paint Back has recycled over 43 million kilograms of paint, preventing these toxic chemicals from polluting our fragile environment.

What's The Future Of Recycling Paint and Paint Containers In Australia?

The paint industry is a leading manufacturing sector within Australia, which is taking full responsibility for the products they manufacture, responsibility for the disposal of their products, but also finding ways to recycle their products.

  • In 2022 Australians recycled 9.3 million kg's of paint and paint containers withy paint back!

  • Paint Back's research shows that 1 in every 3 Australians either have old or left over paint at home or on their property!

  • 54% of these people didn't know where to dispose of their paint

  • 5% of all paint sold in Australia is surplus to the needs of the purchaser, Paint Back sees this as an opportunity, rather than a problem!

If you would like more information regarding Paint Back or their Services, check them out here

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