Bin Hire Waste

image of writing on a board with toxic words for prohibited and very polluting materials

What is it and why can't we put it in the bin hire bin?

All Landfill Sites and Transfer Stations have rules and regulations which all waste disposal businesses have to abide by.

Failure to abide by the Landfill Sites and Transfer Stations rules and regulations may find the Customer of the Bin Hire company, having to pay for the cleanup and proper disposal of the Prohibited Waste Materials, as well as a possible fine by the EPA!

Depending on the nature of the prohibited waste materials, the cost may run into the $1,000's of dollars quiter easily!

Transfer Stations and Landfill Sites both have employees who look through all skip bin hire company waste disposal material, which has been dumped at their facility. They look for any prohibited waste as well as searching for recyclable materials. These guys enforce any violation to their companies rules and regulations by any waste disposal company!

Skip Bin Prohibited Waste is as follows: -

  • No Asbestos of any type, no matter how small

  • No Oils, Solvents, Paints, or any other liquids

  • No Nuclear Waste of any type including smoke detectors and medical waste 

  • No Chemicals of any type or empty chemical containers

  • No Medical Waste - pills, medicines, needles, syringes, medical containers empty or full, anything containing blood, bandages, swabs, medical instuments etc

  • No Bio Waste - sewrage, sewrage sludge, animal bodies or parts, manure of any type etc 

  • No Food of any type unless prearranged with Eastern Bin Hire 

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