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Skip Bin Hire Croydon 3136
Includes Croydon North, Croydon South & Hills

At Eastern Bin Hire we specialise in providing our skip bin hire and mini skips services to Croydon 3136, which also includes Croydon North, Croydon South & Croydon Hills districts. We have been servicing Croydon district since 2013 with our waste disposal services, which include our skip bin hire and mini skips services. 


We're the local skip hire service for Croydon, being located in Kilsyth, we're just 5 minutes away. By being this close to Croydon 3136 we are better able to provide a very flexible and very reliable delivery and collection services, for all our Croydon customers, no matter if your in Croydon South, Croydon North,  Croydon Hills or a nearby suburbs.


Our customer service is one of the best within the skip bin hire industry. We have a full time customer service representative to help new and existing skip bin hire customers with any information or service adjustments required.


People that are new to us and may not have booked a skip hire service in Croydon with us before, are very well looked after, we give our new customers as much information and assistance as they need, we can advise you on the best skip bin size or the most appropriate skip bins waste category for your particular waste, you can even book your skip bin hire service for Croydon over the phone.

Over the years, we have serviced hundreds of happy customers the Croydon district, many of these customers return each year, for their annual clean up of their properties green waste, or general household waste and junk they have collected throughout the year. 

The Skip Bin Hire service process is simple: 

  1. we deliver a skip bin or mini skip to your home;

  2. you fill the skip bin or mini skip with your junk;

  3. we pick up your skip bins or mini skips and dispose of all the contents within the skips.

Which Parts Of Croydon 3136 Do You Service?


At Eastern Bin Hire we service all of the following listed suburbs are included within our Croydon skip bin hire 3136 service area. 

These areas are within Croydon's local service boundaries, for the City of Maroondah


Eastern Bin Hire Specialise in servicing Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs including all of the Croydon and Maroondah districts, we also service all of the surrounding suburbs and local council districts in melbourne outer eastern districts.

What Benefits Do Customers Get By Using Your Skip Bin Hire Service in Croydon?

With Eastern Bin Hire, we set the waste disposal standards high for ourselves regarding the services we provide. By setting high skip bin hire service standards for ourselves, we are able to achieve a much higher and consistent standard of service for all of our customers in Croydon. 


We provide a free premium skip bin hire service and mini skips hire services, but at a very budget prices


The benefits of using Eastern Bin Hire's - Croydon Skip Bin Hire services, including Croydon North, Croydon South, Croydon Hills, Warranwood & Wonga Park are listed below:

  • Very Flexible Skip Bins & Mini Skips Hire Service

  • Very Reliable Skip Bins & Mini Skips Hire Service

  • Personalised Service to Meet Your Needs!

  • Very Friendly Customer Service

  • Excellent Customer Service

  • Cheap Skip Bin Hire & Mini Skip Hire Prices 

Eastern Bin Hire service a very broad range of customers in the Croydon 3136 district, spanning from the: -

  • home gardeners prunings;

  • to clearing houses for deceased estates,

  • or customers downsizing to a smaller premises,

  • commercial businesses disposing of damaged stock or renovation debris,

  • local tradies serving customers in Croydon and all nearby areas,

  • local schools, kindergartens, day care centres, church groups etc.


There are endless uses for skip bins and mini skips in Croydon, they are a very versatile and convenient way to dispose of waste and junk, By disposing of your waste on a regular basis, you will only need to hire a small skip bin or mini skips, which are a cheaper price, when compared to the larger skip bins.


Our Croydon customers use our skip bins or mini skips for cleaning building sites from excess renovation materials of wood, plaster, steel off cuts, packaging materials, insulation etc, to landscape paving, to landscaping your front garden or bbq areas etc the list could go on forever!


At Eastern Bin Hire we go the extra mile to help all of our skip hire and bin hire customers within the Croydon area, including all of the city of Maroondah district, with the lot!

Same Day Skip Hire
FREE Delivery Today!
Skip Bin Hire Croydon 3136

Here at Eastern Bin Hire, we provide our Same Day Skip Bin Hire with FREE Delivery to Croydon, Croydon North, Croydon South, Croydon Hills, Wonga Park and Ringwood North Today!

Better still, it's all at No Extra Cost, to ALL of Croydon 3136 Domestic Residents and Commercial Businesses, within or nearby to the City of Maroondah.

At Eastern Bin Hire, we help all our Croydon customers to have a productive days work, by delivering and picking up our customers skip bins and mini skips, on the agreed day, at within the agreed time frame 100% of the time, not just occasionallyThis may seem a basic and very simple service to provide customers, but many waste disposal  companies struggle to provide these basic skip bin hire and mini skips hire services for their customers rubbish removal needs!

To have Your Same Day Skip Bin Hire & Delivery to Croydon 3136 service is very simple and very easy to organise!


Just call 0417 514 763 now to order a skip bin hire or mini skip hire service for Croydon before 1pm Monday to Friday, you will have your skip bin or mini skips service, delivered to you asap, on the same day!

During Peak Periods Same Day Skip Hire & Delivery of skip bins and mini skips to Croydon 3136 district, and the city of maroondah area, maybe limited, conditions apply! 

Waste Categories for Skip Bins & Mini Skips in Croydon

Customers need to select the correct waste category for their skip bins or mini skips hire service to Croydon. Follow the link for more in depth information. However, if you need some help or are not confident of selecting the best waste category, just call Wendy 0417 514 763 now!

  • Green Waste 

  • Light Household Waste

  • Builders Mixed Waste

  • Heavy Recyclable Materials

Cheap Mini Skips Prices
Best Skip Bin Prices Croydon

Eastern Bin Hire provide Cheap Mini Skips Prices and Best Skip Bin Prices for Croydon, Croydon North, Croydon South, Croydon Hills, Warranwood, Wonga Park customers. 

Although our skip hire prices and bin hire prices are cheaper than other companies within the croydon district, we still provide every customer with a premium skip bin hire service at all times, regardless of how cheap our skip hire prices maybe and that's a guarantee!

For us at Eastern Bin Hire, cheap prices is just part of the service we provide to all of the City of Maroondah district and all surrounding districts in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne

Being a Small Family Owned and Operated skip bin hire, mini skip hire and rubbish removal service. We are able to operate our services more efficiently, which helps us to enable us to provide all our customers with cheaper skip & bin hire prices than the larger waste disposal companies can!


Cheap Skip Hire prices and bin hire prices is only part of the story!

At Eastern Bin Hire we are a customer focused skip bin hire Croydon 3136 service, where we put our customers first.

Why you ask, we put our customers needs first because we care about the prices we charge, and the services we provide to people and businesses in the Croydon and Maroondah district. 

Cheap Skip Hire Prices for Everyone!

Domestic & Commercial Customers

Skip Bin Hire Croydon 3136

Our cheap skip hire prices and bin hire prices are for everyone within the Croydon area or nearby. We service everyone, from the home gardeners prunings, to full loads of concrete and everything in between!​


Our cheap skip & bin hire prices include the following:

  • Delivery of skip bins and mini skips

  • Free Same Day Delivery of skip bins and mini skips

  • Free Same Day Delivery & Pick Up of the Skip Bin That Same Day!

  • Skip Bin Rental Fees

  • Flexible skip or bin rental period (1 to 4 days)

  • Free Early Pick Up of your skip bin if you load it faster than expected

  • Free Extension Period for an extra 1 or 2 days if you are behind time and haven't finished with your skip bins

  • Pick Up of your skip bins or mini skips

  • Disposal Fees for the contents of the skip  or bin up the the weight limit for the particular skip bin size and waste category. Excess weight is an additional cost

  • conditions apply during peak periods throughout the year, some service benefits  maybe limited due to demand. 


Eastern Bin Hire's - "cheap skip bin hire prices" are available to all domestic, commercial, industrial businesses, including schools, kindergartens, sporting clubs, church groups, social clubs etc, within or nearby to the Croydon 3136 or Maroondah areas, in the Melbourne eastern suburbs.


You don't need an account to take advantage of our cheap bin hire prices.

People can either order a skip bin online 24/7 at your convenience, or if you prefer the personal touch, just call Wendy Now - 0417 514 763!

Skip Bins & Mini Skips Sizes 

Eastern Bin Hire provide a good selection of different skip bin hire sizes and mini skips sizes in Melbourne Eastern Suburb, Croydon and the city of maroondah.

With our customers different skip bin and mini skip requirements and needs, one size does not fit all! 

We need to have a variety of different sizes of skip bins and mini skips, to meet our customers waste disposal needs.

Our skip bin sizes are suited for any job or project you are contemplating around your home, office, factory, school etc. 

Our Skip Bin & Mini Skips Sizes

Following are our skip bin hire and mini skip hire sizes we offer to our customers in Croydon:

  • 2 cubic meters Skip Bins and Mini Skips

  • 3 cubic meters skip bins and mini skips

  • 4 cubic meters skip bins and mini skips

  • 6 cubic meters skip bins and mini skips

How do you know which skip or bin hire size to order?


How to gauge the exact size skip bin or mini skip hire size you will need to rent or order, is a common question.

If all of your junk is in a pile, you can easily work out the volume of the rubbish and junk by multiplying the Length of the pile X the Width of the pile X the Height of the pile. By multiplying these figures all together, the result you get will be the size of the skip bin you will require.

However, if your rubbish and junk are not in a pile and you are going to load the skip as you go, it is hard to know if you intend to dispose of a little bit or a lot of junk.

Following is a guide for skip bin job size:

  • 2 m3 skip bin or mini skips are for the small jobs

  • 3 m3 skip bins and mini skips for the small to medium size jobs

  • 4 m3 skip bins and mini skips are for the medium to largish size jobs

  • 6 m3 skip bins are for the big jobs where you need to get rid of alot of junk.

skip bin delivery truck loaded with skip bins
lady using a computer, Eastern Bin Hire provide excellent customer service

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