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Order A Skip Bin
Melbourne East, Yarra Valley and Yarra Ranges

Are You Ready to Order A Skip Bin to Melbourne East, Yarra Valley or Yarra Ranges districts today?


We're here and we're ready to assist you with any guidance or help you might need to Order a Skip or Bin service with us here at Eastern Bin Hire.


Eastern Bin Hire have made the process to order a skip bin to the Melbourne Eastern and Outer Eastern Suburbs, fast and simple. It your choice which way you prefer to order your skip hire service. We understand at time for some people, when they order a skip bin, it can feel daunting, especially if it's your first time to order a skip bin in Melbourne's east. But don't stress any longer - we have a solution for you!

At Eastern Bin Hire in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs, we are dedicated to providing superior customer service for all our waste disposal customers. When you order a skip bin with us, you will automatically receive the benefits of our free premium skip bin hire service package, which provides many free benefits for your skip bin hire service needs. We aim to make the process of ordering skip bins as easy and user friendly as possible for all our customers. We are readily available to guide you throughout the whole process to order a skip with ease, efficiency and convenience.

Whether you are tackling a home decluttering project, renovating your office space, or clearing out your factory floor, we have the ideal skip bin size and waste category to meet your specific waste disposal needs. Our aim is to streamline the skip bin ordering process for people in the Melbourne Eastern and Outer Eastern Suburbs, Yarra Valley, and Yarra Ranges districts, the results help to make ordering a skip bin is fast, simple and convenient for all our customers.

If you find yourself uncertain about the skip bin size, or which skip bin waste category is right for your waste disposal needs, or if you have any queries regarding our convenient skip bin ordering service, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Wendy at Eastern Bin Hire. Our dedicated team of skip bin hire and waste disposal specialists, are here to offer you all the guidance and support necessary for you to make an informed decision, that best suits your needs inorder to order skip hire service with confidence.

How do you Like to Order A Skip Bin?
Order Skip Bins Online 24/7, or
Order a Bin with Wendy by Phone

When ordering a skip bin service to Melbourne's East, we prioritise convenience and efficiency for our customers. As your trusted skip bin hire service in Melbourne's eastern and outer eastern suburbs, Yarra Valley, and Yarra Ranges, we offer two convenient ways for ordering skip bins, which are:

  • Order Skip Bins Online 24/7 at your convenience;

  • Order A Bin service with Wendy over the phone;

  • The choice is yours, it’s that fast and simple!


Which way would you like to Order a Skip Bin?

At Eastern Bin Hire, we provide all our customers with the most flexible and reliable waste disposal service in the Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, Yarra Valley and Yarra Ranges districts. We give our customers the choice of how they want to order a bin, which is:

  • Order Skip Bins Online: Some people enjoy using our online bin hire shop to order a bin hire service that suits their needs. These individuals have typically ordered skip bins from us before and are familiar with the process, allowing them to confidently place their orders. If you choose to order a bin online, you will quickly appreciate the ease, efficiency, and convenience of our online bin hire system, enabling you to order bins at your leisure and at your preferred time.

  • Order A Bin By Phone with Wendy: When it comes to ordering skip bins over the phone, Wendy is here to make the process smooth and as easy as possible for you. With excellent customer service skills, she will guide you through the booking process over the phone. Have questions? Feel free to ask! Wendy is there to provide answers and offer free advice on the best skip bin size and waste category for your needs. Remember, you can order a bin over the phone for your convenience. Let Wendy assist you to book a bin, she will eliminate any hassles or doubts from your mind, allowing you to relax knowing that Wendy has your bin hire service under control. Let us take care of the logistics, so you can have a more productive day.

  • Get All You Advice from Wendy, Then either Order Skip Bins Online or Book a Bin with Wendy:      This is really the best of both worlds!

    You get the answers to any questions with Wendy, you can also get her opinion on the best waste category, best skip bin size etc. Then go to our online skip bin hire shop to order skip bins online at your convenience, or you can still order a bin directly with Wendy.

Eastern Bin Hire is a customer focused waste disposal business, our customer service is possibly one of the best within the waste disposal and skip bin hire industries. We have a full time customer service representative Wendy, she is ready, willing and able to assist any of our customers with whatever help they may need inorder for them to be better able to order a skip bins online or to book a bin by phone.


So don’t be shy, if you need help please just give Wendy a call 0417 514 763 Now!

Order Skip Bins Before 1pm Today
Call Wendy 0417 514 763 Now!
FREE Same Day Delivery - ASAP!

For Same-Day Skip Bin Hire with FREE Delivery,
Order A Skip Before 1pm Today! Get your Skips ASAP!

If you're in urgent need of same-day skip bin hire with FREE delivery, look no further! At Eastern Bin Hire in Melbourne, we understand the importance of quick and efficient waste disposal. Our service areas cover Melbourne Eastern and outer eastern suburbs, Yarra Valley and Yarra Ranges districts, ensuring that you get your skip bin promptly delivered when you need it the most. Don’t take our word for it, experience our excellent same day skip hire service with free delivery service for yourself and get rid of all your unwanted items without any delay.

Simply order your skip before 1 pm today and have your skips delivered ASAP today, with Eastern Bin Hire’s Melbourne outer eastern suburbs local skip and bin hire service. We provide fast and efficient skip bin delivery services to help you tackle your waste disposal needs promptly. Don't wait any longer - declutter and simplify your life today with our convenient same day skip hire service in Melbourne's outer east, Yarra Valley and Yarra ranges districts.

We understand the urgency of your waste disposal needs, which is why we offer quick and efficient express delivery service to ensure you get your skip when you need it. Skips and Bins are normally delivered within a 1 to 3 timeframe, although during busy periods it maybe a little longer. 


With our express same-day skip bin hire and delivery service, it ensures that you can start decluttering or disposing of waste within just 1 to 3 hours, helping you to have a much more productive days work. Next time you need express delivery for your bin hire or skip hire service, Call Wendy 0417 514 763 at Eastern Bin Hire, she'll organise your express bin hire service immediately once it's booked.

Don't wait around for days to get rid of unwanted items - just order skips before 1 pm today and enjoy the convenience of prompt express skip delivery right to your driveway.

Let us help you with all your same day skip hire and delivery needs in the Melbourne East, Yarra Valley and Yarra Ranges districts!

Need More Space?
Get Rid of Some Junk!
Call Wendy 0417 514 763 Now!
See How We Can Help YOU Today!

Save Money! - Order Skip Bins the Correct Size!

Here at Eastern Bin Hire, we truly value the importance of assisting our customers in selecting the best skip bins size and waste category to meet their unique waste disposal requirements. Our goal is to ensure that our customers receive personal guidance and recommendations based on the amount of waste they plan to dispose of. This personalised approach ensures that our customers only pay for the skip bin size that best fits their needs, saving them both time and money in the process.


When you order skip bins, it's crucial to consider the appropriate size you require, based on your specific waste types and the quantity of waste you need to dispose of. By selecting the right skip bin size, you can ensure efficient and cost-effective waste disposal while minimising any potential issues that may arise from overfilling or underutilising the available space within your skip bins acceptable volume.

Different waste types require different skip bin sizes to accommodate them effectively. For example, bulky items like furniture or construction materials may require you to order a larger skip bin, while green waste or general household rubbish may be suitable for smaller skip bins. By assessing your waste types beforehand, you can determine the most suitable skip bin size for your needs.


By carefully evaluating your specific waste types and quantities, you can ensure that you order skip bins in appropriate sizes to efficiently accommodate your needs while optimizing your waste disposal process.

Eastern Bin Hire's Skip Bins & Mini Skips Sizes are:


  • 2 cubic metre skip bins & mini skips - No door fitted

  • 3 cubic metre skip bins & mini skips - with a walk-in door / wheelbarrow door

  • 4 cubic metre skip bins & mini skips - with a walk-in door / wheelbarrow door

  • 6 cubic metre skip bins & mini skips - with a walk-in door / wheelbarrow door


Skip Bin Waste Categories for Different Waste Types
Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs & Yarra Valley

Eastern Bin Hire's - Skip Bin Hire & Mini Skip Hire Waste Categories are designed to help customers to save money, when ordering skip bins or mini skip hire service.


Waste categories for skip bins and mini skips hire purposes exist because of the recycling value associated with the general waste or junk being disposed of. Materials such as dirt, concrete, and green waste can be reused, making their disposal cheaper and more economical. On the other hand, materials like treated pine, MDF or chipboard furniture, and toys etc, do not have any recycling value at all, so this  results in their disposal going straight into landfill sites across Melbourne, there disposal fees for non recyclable items and junk are very expensive which reflects on the prices we have to charge for our services.


This is why skip bin hire companies ask about the items you are disposing of, as it helps them determine the correct waste category for your specific needs.

Skip Bins & Mini Skips Waste Categories:

  • Green Waste - grass clippings, tree branches & prunings, tree trunks up to 200mm etc. 

  • Light Waste - household junk from in and around your home, glass, furniture, computers etc.

  • Builders Waste - green waste, light waste, plus building materials with a small amount (approximately 10%) of the load may be of bricks, concrete, dirt etc.

  • Heavy Recyclable Materials - only 1 type of the following materials, is allowed in the skip bin or mini skip - dirt, sand, concrete, rubble, bricks, pavers, gravel, rocks etc.

  • Mixed Heavy Recyclable Materials - a mixture of the above listed heavy recyclable materials

Do you have a question? Do you need help?
Call Wendy 0417 514 763 Now! 

Order A Skip Bin - Melbourne Service Area Map for Melbourne's Outer Eastern Suburbs, Yarra Valley & Yarra Ranges districts.

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