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6 m3 - Green Garden Waste - Skip Bin Hire Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Wieght Limit 1,300kg


6 cubic metre skip bins are big!

These big fellas are made for the big jobs around your property, they are often used for putting the disposal of leaf litter & offcuts from chopping trees down, or for the removal of dead trees, bushes etc, and decluttering of bigger gardens that end up more as a jungle that a yard!


Conveniently, our big 6 cubis metre skip bins ar fitted with a rear access door, to help customers to gain easy access to enable them to crush the load of green garden waste by stomping it down. By doing this you will gain further space to fit more green waste into, giving your great value for you  money!


Make sure not to overload the 6 cubic skip bins, by having green waste over hanging the sides or past the top edge of the skip bin, if you have, you need to trim back your green waste load so it is not over hanging and edge of the skip bin.


Green Waste Includes:

  • lawn or grass clippings
  • weeds of any discription
  • leaves, plant prunings
  • flowers dead or alive etc
  • tree branches under 250 mm in diameter
  • tree trunks under 250 mm diameter


Not Allowed within the Green Waste Load

  • No dirt, clay, rocks, stones, concrete, tiles, clay pots, steel pots or containers etc.
  • No plant roots allowed to have dirt attached
  • No root balls over 300mm in diameter
  • No steel mesh or stakes even if there is green waste attached
  • No plastics of any discription even plastic mesh with green waste attached
  • No processed wood of any type - no wooden pailings from fences, posts, furniture, garden stakes etc
  • No treated pine of any description including posts, fence pailings, wooden structures etc.


Prohibited Waste Is NOT ALLOWED under any circumstance!!

  • No Asbestos of any type
  • No Chemicals of any dicription
  • No Flamable Liquids of any type
  • No Liquid Waste of any type including paint
  • No medical Waste of any kind
  • No Presure Vessels - fire extingishers, gas & butane bottles, paint cans etc
  • No Nappies or Animal Waste or soiled bedding.


If you need more infomation regaring our green waste small skip bin hire service to the eastern suburbs melbourne service. Just call Wendy 0417 514 763 or send a text message, for fast replies it's better to call 0417 514 763.

6 m3 - Green Garden Waste - Skip Bin Hire

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