6 m3 - Green Waste - Weight Limit 1,300 kg

Green Waste category consists of dead or living plants, shrubs, weeds, tree branches, leaves, lawn clippings, plant prunings, small tree trunks under 250mm diameter,  etc.

The whole Green Waste skip bin load must be 100% green waste only!

  • No Tree Stump Root Balls
  • No dirt, potting mix, sand, clay, screenings etc.
  • No processed wood treated or untreated,
  • No plastic, plant pots, plastic weed mats, plastic bags etc.
  • No steel, wire, chicken wire etc. which maybe tangled with vines, creepers etc.
  • No car tyres, 4x4 tyres, tractor tyres etc.
  • No carpet, shade cloth, stockings, weed mats etc.

6 m3 Green Waste Only - skip bin hire