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Skip Bin Hire Frequently Asked Questions With Answers
Eastern Bin Hire!

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Eastern Bin Hire have compiled a list of customers Skip Bin Hire Frequently Asked Questions, which are most commonly asked. If you have a question which is not covered under their our FAQ's, please do not hesitate to contact Wendy at Eastern Bin Hire, she will answer any questions you may have. Eastern Bin Hire are only too happy to assist all Customers whenever possible.

How long do we get to keep the skip bin for?
You get to keep the skip bin for 3 full days, not counting the day we drop the skip bin off to you, Eastern Bin Hire will pick the skip bin up on the 4th day.

Do we have to keep the skip bin for 3 full days?

No, once you have finished with the skip bin, simply call Eastern Bin Hire on 0417 514 763, inform them you are finished with the skip bin, they will pick your skip bin up ASAP.

How big is 1 cubic metre?
1m wide x 1m high x 1m deep or 1,000mm wide x 1,000mm high x 1,000mm deep 

How do I estimate my bin size?
Look at your pile of waste you wish to dispose of, measure the width of the pile, measure the height of the pile then measure the depth of the pile, e.g 1.2m wide x 1.0m high x 3m long = 3.6m, so you would order a 4 cubic metre bin.

I'm not sure which waste category I need to order for my bin hire?

If you aren't sure which waste category you need to order, just call Eastern Bin Hire on 0417 514 763, tell them the type of waste you intend to dispose off, they will advise you off your best solution.

Can I put a small amount of bricks, concrete, dirt, tiles etc into my Light Waste bin hire?
If you don't want to exceed your weight limit, the answer is No! If you don't mind exceeding your weight limit and are happy to pay an excess weight fee of $30 for every 100 kg over the weight limit. The answer then is Yes!

Can I put oil into my bin?
No. Under No circumstance may you load oil into your bin hire bin. No liquids of any type are allowed into your bin hire bin.

Can I put paint into the bin?
No. Under No Circumstance may you put liquid paint into your bin hire bin. Dry paint in a tin and empty paint tins are okay to dispose of with your bin hire.

How do I pay for the bin hire?
Paying is simple, either pre pay by giving Eastern Bin Hire your credit card details over the phone, or pay the driver by either credit card or cash on the day of your bin delivery.
Eastern Bin Hire accept Master Card, Visa or Cash.

Do I have to be home when you pick the bin up?
No. Providing the driver has clear access to pick the bin up.

What can or can't I load into the bin?
Look under our heading under "Bin Hire Info" for "Waste Categories", here you will find what can and cannot be loaded into our bins.


How much do the bins cost to hire?
Look under our heading Bin Hire Prices on the menu bar, here you will find all of the different bin hire sizes and waste categories along with their different prices.

Can I Pre Book my bin hire 2 weeks in advance?
Yes, you certainly can, although pre payment will be required.

Can you pick the bin up the same day you drop it off?
Yes we can, this needs to be planned preferably, it also depends on our workload for that particular day.

Can I pay for the bin when you pick it up?
No. Full payment is required before or when the bin hire bin is dropped off.

Do I have to be home when you drop the bin off?
No. Provided you have pre paid for your bin hire!

How wide is your truck, will it fit in my driveway?
Eastern Bin Hire's truck is 2.2m wide, driveways 2.5m or wider are no problem for their truck to navigate through. However, high fences may cause a problem with the trucks revision mirrors, they are approx 300mm on each side, making the with of the truck at the revision mirrors is 2.8m, the clearance needed at the mirror height is 3.2m

Will my driveway get damaged from the skip bin delivery and bin pick up?
No you should not have any damage to your driveway, due to the bin placement or pick up.


Occasionally when customers load all of the heavy weight up one end of the skip bin, this can cause the skip bin to slide on the surface of the driveway a little and could leave a small scratch on the surface. to avoid this, simply spread the load evenly over the entire length of the skip bin. Alternatively, you may leave some wood for us to place under the skip bin, this will ensure no damage at all to your driveway surface.

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