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Skip Bins & Mini Skips
Is Dangerous!

grossly overloaded 4 m3 skip bin

There is more than 1 Way to Overload a
Skip Bin & Mini Skip Hire - Bin

Some Skip Bin Hire Customers seem to make it a sport, to see how much waste can be loaded into their skip bins or mini skips!

Some Customers show little regard for the safety of other road users and pedestrians!

Even if overloaded skip bins and mini skips are tarped properly, junk or items higher than the above the top rim of the mini skip bins can and will work their way out from under the tarp and fall off the truck, the result being:

  • a very good chance a pedestrian getting hurt from falling debris from the truck;

  • A car could get damaged from falling debris;

  • a motorcyclist or cyclist could get KILLED by falling debris from the load;

  • the RTA could fine the driver for having an overloaded skip bin or mini skip and deem it to be unsafe. This will result in a $400 fine to the driver, the company will get a $1,200 fine, the driver WILL also loose 3 demerit points.

  • customer who do overload their skip bin or mini skip hire service, best be prepared for the driver to off load, ALL of the materials exceeding the mini skip or skip bins top edge!

Following are the two ways of Overloading Your Skip Bins & Mini Skips

1.  Overloading your Skip Bins with To Much Volume of Junk!

Skip Bin Hire - Bins are only meant to be loaded up to the top of the rim or top edge, which is also called the water level line of the skip bin.

The "water level line" of the skip bin means, if you fill the skip bin up with water, the highest part of the bin is the water level line or point where the water will run over the edge of the mini skips & bins. 

Customers who feel they need to load the mini bin past the water level point, means they needed to order a larger bin hire - bin


2.  Overloading your Skip Bins with Too Much Weight

Eastern Bin Hire have "Bin Hire Weight Limits", which need to be adhered too. If you exceed these weight limits, customers will be charged $35 for every 100 kg over the weight limit nominated.

Eastern Bin Hire have a page dedicated to bin hire material weight limits, letting all potential Customers know the boundaries of the bin hire weight limits.


Eastern Bin Hire do not mind if Customers exceed the bin hire weight limits (but not overloading the volume of the skip bin), providing the Customers are happy to pay the additional excess weight limit fees of $35 for every 100 kg over the weight limit!

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Eastern Bin Hire's Service Area Map of Melbourne's Outer Eastern Suburbs & Yarra Ranges
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