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Need to Hire a Skip or Bin Today?
We Provide ASAP Skip & Bin Hire Service!

Same Day Skip Bin Hire & FREE Delivery Today!

When it comes to ASAP bin hire & skip hire service in Melbourne's eastern suburbs, the Yarra Valley or Yarra Ranges districts, Eastern Bin Hire should be your first choice! 


We understand that time is of the essence when people call Wendy needing a skip hire service ASAP! 

So we prioritise your ASAP Bin Hire delivery service as urgently as we possibly can. Our asap bin hire delivery solution, is swift, efficient and very convenient, if you need to hire a skip bin the same day, at short notice, we'll look after your needs ASAP.

Our urgent same day delivery service of skips and bins ensures that you get the skip bin you need and when you need it. With our same day skip bin hire service, we provide free delivery of your skip or bin hire service. To have access to our free same day delivery service, you just need to be located within our service areas in the Melbourne Eastern, Outer Eastern Suburbs, Yarra Valley or Yarra Ranges districts. Yes, that's right, we offer a free skip bin delivery service to make the whole process of hiring a skip bin, at short notice, even more convenient and efficient for you.


We take great pride in our  commitment to provide all our customers with a superior quality of service! That's why when you choose Eastern Bin Hire in Melbourne, as your waste disposal solution, you can be rest assured, that we will deliver the skip bin ASAP to your desired location without any delay!


In fact, if you call Wendy 0417 514 763 Now, before 1pm today, we guarantee same-day delivery of a skip bin hire service to your specific location within the Melbourne eastern, outer eastern suburbs, Yarra Valley or Yarra Ranges districts.

Our team at Eastern Bin Hire understands that waste disposal needs can arise unexpectedly or require immediate attention, so we're here to help you every step of the way. Whether it's a last-minute decluttering project or a sudden need for rubbish removal during a renovation or a move, our urgent skip hire service is here to help when you need us the most!

Contact Wendy 0417 514 763 today and experience the convenience and efficiency of our tried and tested  ASAP skip hire and ASAP bin hire solutions. Don't wait any longer – give us a call now and experience our prompt and reliable urgent skip bin hire Melbourne services.

Best Skip & Bin Hire Prices and Great Service to Melbourne East, Yarra Valley & Ranges!

Are you searching for the most competitive skip bin hire prices in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs, the Yarra Valley, or the Yarra Ranges districts?

At Eastern Bin Hire Melbourne, we're more than just a Melbourne skip bin hire service. We're your partners in maintaining a clean and clutter-free environment, offering superior services at prices that won't strain your budget. Our team is committed to delivering cost-effective solutions without sacrificing the high-quality of our services you deserve.

Our primary goal at Eastern Bin Hire in Melbourne's eastern suburbs is to provide you with exceptional value for every dollar spent while ensuring a seamless experience with our rubbish removal and disposal services.

Choosing us means opting for competitive pricing within the Melbourne eastern & outer eastern suburbs, but it's more than just affordability. It's about trust, reliability and flexibility in managing all your waste disposal needs efficiently, conveniently and affordably.

We never hesitate in our commitment to provide superior ASAP bin hire service, because we aspire to be your first choice for all your same day skip hire requirements. When you choose Eastern Bin Hire Melbourne, you're choosing cheap skip bin hire prices coupled with unmatched quality of service and dependability - a promise we deliver to every customer of our skip bin hire and mini skips services!

When Can I Expect My ASAP Bin Hire Service to
Reach Me In Melbourne's East or Yarra Valley?

As experts in skip bin hire, we strive to provide our customers in Melbourne's eastern suburbs and the Yarra Valley with a hassle-free experience. When you need an ASAP bin hire or skip hire service, we're here to help.

Our commitment to great service means that we prioritize ASAP bin hire requests. In most cases, you can expect your skip bin to arrive within 1 to 3 hours of your booking, ensuring that your waste disposal or decluttering project can proceed without delay. We understand that time is of the essence, whether you're tackling a residential clean-up, a commercial renovation, or a construction site.

With a range of mini skips and skip bins available, we can cater to your specific needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will guide you in selecting the appropriate bin size, ensuring that your waste is contained efficiently and safely.

So, if you're in Melbourne's eastern suburbs or the Yarra Valley and require an ASAP bin hire service, trust Eastern Bin Hire in Melbourne to deliver. We'll be there promptly, providing you with the reliable and efficient bin hire service you deserve.

Need an Urgent Skip Bin Hire Service?
We Deliver ASAP Skip Bin Hire Services Daily!
Just Order a Skip Bin Before 1pm Today
Call Wendy 0417 514 763 Now!

Skip Bin & Mini Skip Hire Sizes

At Eastern Bin Hire in Kilsyth, we offer a select range of skip bin and mini skip sizes to cater to your waste disposal requirements. Our diverse assortment of skips and bins also includes mini skips, which are al are all designed to assist both residential and commercial clients in managing their unwanted general waste  and clutter which has built up over time.

Our small skip bins and mini skips sizes are perfect for smaller tasks around the home, office, shop, factory etc. With their minimal footprint, these small mini skips and small skip bins are ideal for tight spaces where the large skip bins just won't fit, and where space is scarce.

Our Mini Skips & Skip Bin Sizes are:

  • 2m3 - mini skips and skip bins - have no rear door fitted

  • 3m3 - mini skips and skip bins - all have a rear door fitted

  • 4m3 - mini skips and small skip bins - all have a rear door fitted

  • 6m3 - small skip bins - all have a rear door fitted

For more detailed information on our offerings, feel free to explore our various Skip Bin Hire Sizes page for more information

Waste Categories for Skip Bin Hire & Mini Skips In
Melbourne East & Yarra Valley

Due to the many different types of waste materials and junk that we at Eastern Bin Hire have to address on a daily basis, we have to make the waste disposal and rubbish removal process economical and efficient. We need to classify the many different types of waste materials we generate with our skip bin hire service and put them into waste categories. These different skip bin and mini skips waste categories, also help us to make the cost of hiring a skip bin or hiring a mini skip more affordable and economical for our customers.

We do not accept any Hazardous Waste (for more info follow the link) in our skip bins or mini skips, under any circumstance!

We do accept most other materials, for more detailed information regarding our Skip Bin Hire Waste Categories, just follow the link.

  • Green Waste - (must be 100% organic matter plants, bushes, grass, prunings etc.)

  • Light General Waste - (includes green waste plus - most types of waste from your home, office, factory, worksite etc.)

  • Builders General Waste - (includes green waste, light general waste plus a limited quantity of plaster, dirt, bricks, concrete, rocks, rubble etc.)

  • Heavy Recyclable Materials - (must be 100% nothing else in the skip bin other than dirt, concrete, bricks, rocks, stones, sand etc.)

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