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City of Monash 
Skip Bin Hire & Mini Skips Hire

Eastern Bin Hire service the City of Monash with their skip bin hire, mini skip hire and rubbish removal services, on a daily basis Monday to Friday, 48 weeks of the year. 

Eastern Bin Hire service only a selected area of the City of Monash district, due to economical factors, the suburbs serviced by eastern bin hire in monash area are:

Cheap Mini Skip Bin Hire Prices

Eastern Bin Hire offer their customers cheap mini skip bin hire prices for all of their domestic household residential customers, commercial & industrial businesses, along with tradesmen of all different trades and services. 

They realise times are tough for everyone at the moment, they try hard to keep their running costs to a minimum, so they can provide cheap skip bin hire prices and cheap mini skip hire prices to all of  their customers, no matter if they are new or existing.

Cheap mini skip bin hire prices is not the only thing eastern bin hire offer, they also provide very good customer service, very good delivery and retrieval service, which is totally reliable and flexible service!


Skip Bin & Mini Skip Hire Sizes

Eastern Bin Hire have a good selection of different skip bin and mini skips hire sizes, which are ideal for small to domestic household clean ups, to medium construction size jobs. ​

They are well stocked with skip bins & mini skips sizes, they have never run out of skips and bins to hire out to their customers. The different skip bin hire sizes and mini skip hire sizes are:

  • 2 cubic metre

  • 3  cubic metre

  • 4 cubic metre

  • 6 cubic metre skip bins and mini skips

Mini Skip Bin Hire Waste Categories


Skip Bin and Mini Skips waste categories are an important part of ordering a skip bin hire or mini skip hire service in Melbourne's outer eastern suburbs of Glen Waverley, Wheelers Hill, which are located within the Monash area.

The reason waste categories area used is to try to make hiring a skip bin or mini skip as cheap as possible. Different material have a different recycling value, some materials like concrete can be recycled and reused, while other materials like treated pine have absolutely no recycling value at all, this is due to the treatment of the wood is toxic due to the chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

Waste Categories are, for more info please follow the link:

  • Green Waste

  • Light Waste

  • Builders Waste

  • Recyclable Heavy Materials


Skip bins and mini skips are ideal for everyone from the weekend gardener, through to clearing out deceased estates and building sites for excess renovation materials.

Eastern Bin Hire service the Monash suburbs of Glen Waverley & Wheelers Hill

To Order a Skip Bin Hire, Mini Skips Hire & Rubbish Removal Service or for more Information
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Eastern Bin Hire's Melbourne Outer Eastern Suburbs 
Service Area Map 
Including Glen Waverley & Wheelers Hill

image of eastern bin hire's service area map for monash area of glen waverley and wheelers hill