Skip Bin Hire - Mini Skips
Olinda 3788
General Household Junk Disposal

Eastern Bin Hire offer their Mini Skip Bin Hire Service to all Olinda 3788 customers in the Yarra Ranges district of Melbourne's outer eastern region. Eastern Bin Hire specialise in servicing olinda with their Skip Bin Hire, Mini Skip Hire, Junk Disposal & Rubbish Removal Service,  which offers cheap skip bin & mini skips hire prices for all of their customers located within or near olinda area.

Eastern Bin Hire offer a far more Flexible, Reliable & Friendly skip bin hire, mini skip hire, general household junk disposal & general domestic, rubbish removal service, to all of their customers, which is second to none!

Eastern Bin Hire service a very broad range of customers, spanning from the home gardeners prunings to clearing houses for deceased estates or customers down sizing to a smaller premises in or near olinda district in melbourne's dandenong ranges, where customers are disposing of excess general household junk & items, to cleaning building sites from general junk or waste of renovation material, to landscape paving, to your front garden or BBQ area, Eastern Bin Hire help their customers with the lot!

Skip Bin Hire & Delivery Today
to Olinda 3788

Eastern Bin Hire offer Skip Bin Hire and Delivery Today to all Olinda 3788 customers, whether they be domestic households, commercial, industrial, schools, sporting clubs, tradies working in the area etc. 

Eastern Bin Hire will look after all of your skip bin hire, mini skip hire, general domestic household junk disposal & general rubbish removal service needs, without any fussing around.

Eastern Bin Hire help their customers to have a productive days work, by delivering and picking up their skip bins & mini skips on the agreed day and within the agreed timeframe their customers have requested or agreed to!

To have Your Skip Bin Hire Service Delivered to you today in Olinda, to your house or business today, is simple and easy to organise!


Just call 0417 514 763 now to order a skip bin hire or mini skip hire service for olinda by 1 pm  Monday to Friday and you will have your skip bin hire service delivered to you the same day!

During Peak Periods Same Day Skip Bin Hire & Delivery to olinda area, maybe delivered up until 5 pm of an evening!

Mini Skip Bin Hire Sizes
for General Junk Disposal &
Rubbish Removal Belgrave

Eastern Bin Hire are well stocked with all of their different size skip bins & mini skips sizes they have for hire, to their customers in and around the Olinda area of the dandenong ranges in melbourne's outer eastern region.

Skip Bin & Mini Skip Sizes are:

  • 2 cubic metres

  • 3 cubic metres

  • 4 cubic metres

  • 6 cubic metres

​Eastern Bin Hire's mini skip bin hire sizes are ideal for anything from small general domestic household junk disposal, to cleaning up a building site in Olinda or melbourne's outer eastern region of the yarra Ranges & Dandenong Ranges.

image of eastern bin hire's new skip bin delivery truck, the cabin is wghite, the skip bin lifting gear is coloured bright neon green, while the skip bins loaded on the back of the truck are brown in colour.

Cheap Mini Skip Bin Hire Prices
Olinda 3788

Cheap Skip Bin Hire Prices for Olinda 3788 customers, is just part of the service Eastern Bin Hire offer to ALL of their general junk disposal & general rubbish removal Customers in melbourne's outer eastern region of the dandenong ranges!

Being a Small Family Owned and Operated skip bin hire, mini skip hire, junk & rubbish removal service, Eastern Bin Hire are able to pass their savings onto their customers in olinda district, by offering generous weight limits and being business savvy enables Eastern Bin Hire to be better able to offer their customers in and around the olinda area, cheap mini skip bin hire prices.
Eastern Bin Hire's use weight limits for their mini skip bin hire service which in the long run for customers disposing of general domestic household junk, you will save money!

Eastern Bin Hire's weight limits are very generous, where only approx. 10% of their customers exceed their standard weight limits, this is normally due to the customers loading bricks, concrete, dirt, tiles, pavers, a lot of plaster etc. into their light waste skip hire bins or mini skips hire service!

Eastern Bin Hire's - mini skip bin hire, general domestic household junk disposal & rubbish removal service to Olinda district, may offer cheap mini skip bin hire prices, but by no means do they compromise their customer service, delivery service or skip bins & mini skips pick up service!

Eastern Bin Hire offer their cheap skip bin hire prices  to all domestic households & residential customers, as well as to all commercial & industrial businesses, schools, kindergartens, sporting clubs etc., within the Olinda areas of Melbourne's outer eastern suburbs, the Dandenong Ranges, the Yarra Valley and Yarra Ranges districts.

You don't need an account to take advantage of Eastern Bin Hire's cheap skip bin hire prices, so call Eastern Bin Hire now - 0417 514 763!

Skip Bins Waste Categories  for Household & Domestic Junk Disposal & Rubbish Removal 3160

Eastern Bin Hire offer 4 different skip bin & mini skips waste categories for their general domestic household junk disposal & general residential rubbish removal businesses.

Waste Categories are designed to help save customers money, general household & domestic residential junk and rubbish has very little recycling value. Therefore, waste disposal companies need to be able to classify which is the best junk disposal or rubbish removal your general junk fits into!

Waste Categories are:

  • Green Waste

  • Light Waste

  • Builders Waste

  • Heavy Recyclable Waste

  • Mixed Heavy Recyclable Waste

Some materials have a recycling value, therefore, the weight limits will be higher, whereas, general junk from around your home will have no recycling value, therefore, the weight limits will be lower, due to the high cost of landfill tipping fees!

To Book Your Skip Bin Hire Service for Olinda 3788
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