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3 m3 Builders General Waste Skip Bin Hire Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Weight Limit 900kg


Our 3 cubic metre small skip bins are built strong, they are manufactured using steel, they are reinforced with heavy steel sections, they are designed for heavy loads of builders waste from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and Yarra Valley. 3 cubic metre small skip bins or mini skips, are designed to fit into small spaces, making them handy for the small jobs around your home, office, factory etc.

Our 3 m3 skips and bins for hire are fitted with a rear door for wheelbarrow loads of junk, to be loaded into your skip bin, making the whole process of loading your 3 cubic metre skip bin, faster and more efficient saving you time and money in the process!


The Following Materials & Items are Allowed:

  • ALL Light General Waste Categories;
  • All Green Garden Waste Categories;
  • Plus approx 10% of the skip bin sizes maybe loaded with bricks, dirt, concrete, tiles, sand etc;
  • Full Skip Bin loads of books, magazines, newspapers, carpet wet or dry, hard wood etc must be ordered as builders waste


Prohibited Waste Is NOT ALLOWED under any circumstance!!

  • No Asbestos of any types,
  • No Chemicals,
  • No Flamable Liquids of any types 
  • No Liquid Waste of any type including paint
  • No medical Waste of any kind
  • No Presure Vessels - fire extingishers, gas & butane bottles etc
  • No Nappies or Animal Waste or bedding.

If you need more infomation regaring their builders general waste skip bin hire melbourne eastern suburbs service, just call or send a text message, for fast service replies.

3 m3 Builders General Waste Skip Bin Hire

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