3 m3 Light Waste - Weight Limit 900 kg

Light Waste Materials is vertually anything which is easily picked up by 2 people to load into the skip bin, including electrical goods, glass, kitchen ware, furniture, toys, tools, bikes, curtins, carpet, books and magazines, plastic, cardboard, packaging, steel, wood, full loads of hard wood, carpet particularly wet carpet, books need to be ordered as builders waste due to the excesive weight when loaded in large quantities.

  • No asbestos fibreboard, corrigated roofing sheets, heater flues or insulation etc.,
  • No presure vessels e.g. gas cylinders, butane bottles, fire extingishers, paint cans etc.
  • No Chemicals or Liquids including no paint, petrol, weed or animal poisons, fertilisers, pesticides etc.,
  • No Medical waste, no syringes, no medications, no blood or bandages with blood on etc.
  • No animal waste or animal bedding containing animal waste
  • No nappies used or unused - contents of nappies is raw sewerage and totally forbidden!

3 m3 Light Household Waste & Junk