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3 m3 Mixed Heavy Recyclable Materials Bin Hire Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

Our 3 m3 Heavy Recyclable Bin Hire Eastern Suburbs Melbourne is perfect for larger projects.

Our heavy recyclable materials skip bins have a capacity of up to 3 cubic metres, and are suitable for dirt, bricks, concrete, pavers and other heavy recyclable materials.


We do not allow any other waste to be loaded into these 3 cubic metre skip bins! Our bin hire eastern suburbs melbourne services is reliable and cost-effective. 


Common uses for the mixed heavy recyclable materials are for demolition of driveways, paths, dirt from excavations and landscaping work, to gain access to pipework to dispose of grave, sand, asphalt, boring holes for posts etc.


Is a 100% mixture of only the following recyclable materials ONLY! 

  • concrete,
  • rubble,
  • bricks,
  • pavers,
  • roof tiles,
  • asphalt,
  • stones,
  • gravel,
  • rocks,
  • dirt,
  • soil,
  • clay,
  • sand

If you need more infomation regaring their heavy recyclable materials bin hire eastern suburbs melbourne service, just call or send a text message, for fast service replies.


  • No other materials allowed within the load for example:
  • No Wood of any discription 
  • No Tree Roots and Root Balls
  • No Plastic, Cardboard, Packaging Materials etc
  • No Steel, aluminium or any other metals
  • No Green Waste of any discription
  • No Light Waste items;
  • No lunch wrappers or drink containers etc.


No Prohibited Materials

  • No asbestos fibreboard, corrigated roofing sheets, heater flues or insulation etc.,
  • No presure vessels e.g. gas cylinders, butane bottles, fire extingishers, paint cans etc.
  • No Chemicals or Liquids including no paint, petrol, weed or animal poisons, fertilisers, pesticides etc.,
  • No Medical waste, no syringes, no medications, no blood or bandages with blood or body fluids on or attached etc.
  • No animal waste or soiled animal bedding, containing animal waste;
  • No dead animals or parts of dead animals;
  • No nappies used or unused - contents of nappies is raw sewerage and totally forbidden!

If you need more infomation regaring their light general waste skip bin hire melbourne service the eastern suburbs, just call Wendy 0417 514 763 or send a text message for a fast reply.

3 m3 Heavy Recyclable Materials bin hire

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