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6 cubic metres Builders Waste Skip Bin Hire Melbourne

Weight Limit 1,800 kg

6 cubic metre skip bins for builders waste, are designed for the purpose of people being able to dispose of a small quantities of concrete, dirt, bricks, plus many more different types of heavy recycable materials. These heavy materials are allowed to use 10% of the skip bins holding capacity, so with our 6 cubic metre skip bin for builders Waste, you can dispose of 10% of the capacity, which is 0.6 of a cubic metre which will weigh around the 900 kg mark. The rest of the load can be made up of carpet, plaster, wood offcuts etc.


These 6 m skip bins come with a rear access door, you can quickly load debris with a wheelbarrow, saving you time and money. This helps the whole process of loading your skip bin hire service, alot faster and much more efficent! 



  • Includes the Green Garden Waste;
  • Includes all Light General Waste Categories;
  • Plus approx 10% of the skip bin sizes maybe loaded with bricks, dirt, concrete, tiles, sand etc;
  • Full Skip Bin loads of books, magazines, newspapers, carpet wet or dry, hard wood etc must be ordered as builders waste


Prohibited Waste Is NOT ALLOWED under any circumstance!!

  • No Asbestos of any types,
  • No Chemicals,
  • No Flamable Liquids of any types 
  • No Liquid Waste of any type including paint
  • No medical Waste of any kind
  • No Presure Vessels - fire extingishers, gas & butane bottles etc
  • No Nappies or Animal Waste or bedding.
  • If you need more infomation regaring their builders general waste skip bin hire eastern suburbs melbourne service, just call or send a text message, for fast service replies.

6 m3 Builders General Waste Skip Bin Hire

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