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6 cubic metre - Light General Waste - Skip Bin Hire Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

1,000 kg weight limit


Light general waste is the most common skip bin hire waste category, we provide to customers.


Our 6 cubic metre skip bins are a larger skip bin hire size, making them very versatile and a convenient size for all the biiger jobs. They are used by domestic customers, commercial businesses, local tradesmen, schools, kindergartens, childminding services, charities etc.


They are often used for decluttering houses, garages, back and front yards, deceased estates, building site clean ups etc. The uses for these big skip bins are endless!


6 cubic metre skip bins offer great value for money, they are fitted with a rear walkin door for gaining access to the inside of the skip bins for easy loading. These rear access doors don't cost any additional money to rent, they are the style of all our skip bins, big or small.


They will save you space in your driveway, so you can still walk past the skip bin, to gain access to the front door of your house 


What is Light General Waste Materials: is vertually anything which is easily picked up to load into the skip bins, including:

  • Any Green Garden Waste is allowed, plus:
  • glass of any form in small quantities;
  • kitchen ware, mixers, blenders, plates, cutelry, bowls etc;
  • furniture, chairs, tables, couches, stools, cabinets, cupboards, bed frames etc;
  • toys, games, swing sets, rocking horses, cubby houses
  • tools, car parts, shed fixtures etc;
  • bikes, scooters, uni cycles, carts etc;
  • curtins, clothes, blankets, doonas, table cloths, rugs etc;
  • carpet (small amount), mats, rugs, lino etc;
  • books, magazines, encyclopedias, comics, records, cassettes etc;
  • plastics of any types, coreflute, plant pots, bags, bowls, plates, picnic sets etc.
  • cardboard, paper etc;
  • packaging, styrene boxes, bean bag styrene ball must be loaded into 2 thicknesses of plastic bags;
  • steel, wood, aluminium, brass, copper, stainless steel etc;
  • full loads of hard wood, carpet particularly wet carpet, books need to be ordered as builders waste due to the excesive weight when loaded in large quantities.
  • Please note - No dirt, rocks, concrete, gravel, bricks, sand, clay, rubble etc.

If you need more infomation regaring our light general waste skip bin hire Melbourne service just call Wendy 0417 514 763 now.


No Prohibited Materials

  • No asbestos fibreboard, corrigated roofing sheets, heater flues or insulation etc.,
  • No presure vessels e.g. gas cylinders, butane bottles, fire extingishers, paint cans etc.
  • No Chemicals or Liquids including no paint, petrol, weed or animal poisons, fertilisers, pesticides etc.,
  • No Medical waste, no syringes, no medications, no blood or bandages with blood or body fluids on or attached etc.
  • No animal waste or soiled animal bedding, containing animal waste;
  • No dead animals or parts of dead animals;
  • No nappies used or unused - contents of nappies is raw sewerage and totally forbidden!

If you need more infomation regaring their light general waste skip bin hire melbourne service the eastern suburbs, just call Wendy 0417 514 763 or send a text message for a fast reply.

6 m3 Light General Waste - Skip Bin Hire Melbourne

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